What are herbal Vaporizers

What are Herbal Vaporizers? Taking Herb Use to a Higher Level

Herbal vaporizers are electronic devices used to extract the active ingredients of herbs in the form of vapor, which is then consumed by inhaling. Since there is no burning, that means there is no smoke or smell of smoke produced. The vapor produced is free from smoke. Herbal vaporizers are not necessarily for smokers only. People who use medicinal herbs for healing purposes also use them. Vapor is many times better than smoke. It is 100% pure.


Herbal vaporizers use the newest technology from Volcano vaporizers. They are used for heating herbs for their vapor. You need to set t the right temperature so that the herbs can vaporize without burning. Releasing the vapor in its best form that is without smoke or the taste of smoke is crucial. Well, this technology from Volcano ensures that the heated the herbs are not overheated. The temperature is optimal and that means the herbs are only heated at the required temperature thus ensuring the flavor and aroma are produced at their best and purest.


Herbal vaporizers require an air pump so that there is a constant supply of air, a chamber that has a heat accumulator that ensures that there is constant heated air and a valve that ensures that the already produced vapor can be used at that particular time.


In the herbal vaporizer, hot air is blown over a disk that holds the herbs that you want to “steam”. The hot air heats the herbs and they release the aromatic flavor, which is then collected in a gas chamber. The air is cooled and it can be inhaled directly from a valve connected to the vaporizer. The advantage of using vaporization as compared to direct smoking is that the inhaled gas is free from toxins like smoke, carcinogens and the tar. The herbal vaporizers have many health benefits because they do not expose the user and those around to health risks.


Most of the herbal vaporizers are hand held and portable meaning that you can use them anywhere.