Volcano Vap

digital volcano vaporizer

Perhaps there is a time when form and function mesh – that is the case with Volcano Vaporizers.

Any old fool can make a vaporizer – but only a genius can make one that is represented by the steaming fumarole that is a volcano. It’s a visual pun and a design classic. Or a design digit, depending upon which model you get.

Volcano Vaporizers

Some people might recognize it as being similar in design to the Mathmos Lava Lamp. The oversized digits and simple coloured push-buttons also lend it a naivety of design. Part toy but very, very serious…

As with all great designs then the function is enhanced by the styling. The reason for the solidity of the bottom heavy base is that the balloon tube that attached to this machine is rather long – 50 cm+ that the steaming vaporizer vents will have huge plume of smoke hovering over it in much the same way a column of smoke will hang over the top of a real mountains sized vaporizing volcano.