Vaporizers to kick the habit

Five Ways to Give Up Smoking – Regardless of the irreparable damage that smoking can do to our bodies, many heavy smokers find it difficult to completely give up the habit. As the reality of its effects become more apparent, more devices to help a person give up appear on the market. The idea of using a vaporizer to quit smoking may surprise some, but that is because they mistake vapour for smoke

Vaporizers do not create smoke, what they do make is vapour – the difference between the two is that vapour has never been burned – so it will not contain anything that you do not want it to contain. Unlike burning, vaporizing is a very blunt instrument for liberating a chemical from its solid state. The fact you cannot really control the heat or the level of oxidation are just two aspects that can lead to undesirable side-effects.

While the effects of smoking are completely physical, from the nicotine rush that many crave to the damage inflicted on the organs of the body, the ability to give up is a psychological thing. It is all about frame of mind and confidence; without the correct mind set quitting completely will be an uphill struggle.

Unfortunately, for a heavy smoker the reality does not sink in until the hospital bed with the oxygen cylinder beckons. Perhaps for those who are willing to give it a try a visit to a hospital could be the final nudge that is needed.

Giving up completely requires a great deal of willpower but can be done and it is often found that those who have found it increasingly difficult to be in the presence of a smoker. However, complete abstention is the most common form of giving up for those with the mental strength to do so. The fact that a vaporizer allows you to continue to inhale gasses is important and why it s better than pills or patches.

Another method is to cut down gradually but this can be treated with delusion as many smokers convince themselves that they are smoking a lot less than they really are. There are a number of forms of help for anybody trying to quit from counselling to group therapy but a person must want to give up and no matter how good a form of treatment or help is, a half-hearted approach will result in failure.

This is when making use of a vaporizer can be a good way to overcome the addiction, as it enables a person to make use of oils and herbs that are heated in a vaporizer. The effects on a person can be similar to smoking but the harmful bi-products are not inhaled into the lungs because the herbs and oils are only heated and not lit.

The aids that are designed to take away the craving for nicotine are available in a number of forms such as patches, pills and gum. Also injections, hypnosis, acupuncture and laser therapy can be of great help. The best course of action to take when the decision to give up is made is to seek the advice of a doctor. This way the correct course of action can be taken without any side effects that could occur if the wrong decision is made. This will enable the doctor to monitor progress and if a particular course of action is not working too well a reliable alternative can be found.

It should be remembered that no two people are alike and what suits one person could be damaging to another; this is why a doctor’s advice is so valuable. Another vital factor to take into account is the act of breathing and how sacred this is but it is often taken for granted. Ask anybody who has experienced breathing difficulties, fighting for breath is terrifying and it is this crucial process of breathing that smoking inhibits.