Vapir No2 Review

Vapir No 2 Portable Vaporizer Reviewed


A relatively low-priced handheld from a well-established company, if you’re in the market for a straightforward, unpretentious and reliable portable, we think this one’s well worth a look.


It’s not as compact as some of its slicker – but pricier – counterparts. The Iolite Wispr or the ThermoVape Revolution for example – both of which are reviewed elsewhere on – both pretty much fit in the palm of your hand. With the Vapir No 2, you’re looking at something more with the dimensions of a medium-sized banana or of a large electric toothbrush (depending on whether you like your size comparisons to be fruit- or bathroom-accessory based). Still perfectly portable of course, but not so small that it hides snugly away in the hand or pocket.


Its larger size (for a portable) doesn’t mean it’s cumbersome to hold though – quite the reverse in fact. Its ergonomic design makes it remarkably comfortable to grip. Nor does the larger size make it less discreet than a compact; indeed to anyone glancing over at you during use, it probably looks not unlike you’re holding/sipping from a sports drink bottle. Nice.


So if maximum compactness is not a priority, this vape is delightfully easy to use and represents excellent value. The first thing we at Vaporizer Kingdom noticed was the simplicity, both of the design and the use (here the lack of bells & whistles actually is a plus). Very little to go wrong here. There just two, screw-together parts to this vape: the upper section with the tube and mouthpiece, and the lower ‘shaft’ part with the rechargeable battery, herb chamber and operating controls.


Each section has a gauze filter, which will give you many uses but will of course wear out eventually. Vapir supply you with a couple of replacement sets, and more are easy to order. Vapir No2 Review.


It’s a simple rechargeable, battery-powered vape, coming with a standard wall adapter. Fully charge before first use (as you would with a mobile phone). You can use it while plugged in and charging, when of course it runs for as long as you like, or if you unplug for portability, we at found we got around half a dozen 10-minute sessions from a full charge. Again, not the longest if you’re going to be away from a power supply for an extended period but for regular use at home or days out, perfectly adequate.


For longer expeditions, you’ll probably want the useful car charger. Note that this is not supplied, but can be ordered with the unit.  Again, you can use the vape while it’s plugged in to this and charging (not while you’re driving, of course!).


Unlike other vapes that run at a set temperature, the Vapir No 2 lets you adjust your heat setting. This can be useful as different herbs vape better at different heats, so a little bit of tweaking and experimentation may be called for to find the right level for you. It’s actually quite a hot vape, so we’d recommend starting slightly lower than the manufacturer’s recommendation, and adjusting up as necessary. Obviously you’re looking for that sweet spot between a nice hot vape and the point where it starts to combust a little. You’ll easily taste when you get there.


Aside from the temperature adjustment, using this couldn’t be simpler. Press and go, doesn’t need to be fiddled with and is comfortable to hold or pass around for relaxed one-handed use. In fact it’s idiot-proof in more ways than one, because as well as simplicity of operation, it has an automatic safety shut-off function – which kicks in after 20 minutes – for those occasions when you maybe, y’know, lose track of time a bit.


It has a good start-up pace too. From pressing the on-switch to reaching optimum vape temp takes only around 90 seconds, and even less than that if you’re using it while it’s plugged in to the charger.


A slightly undersize herb chamber makes the No 2 ideal for solo use. This is not to say it can’t be shared of course, but you’ll need to refill a bit more often than with some other models. Refilling is not a hassle though. You just unscrew the top part, give both the upper and lower filters a quick wipe with the cleaning brush (supplied), pop your herbs in and rescrew the top.


As with most other portables, we advise filling the chamber to around 75% capacity and not packing too tightly, to get a good smooth heat flow. If you leave it unattended and switched on with herb mix in the chamber, it will carry on (slowly) vaping, so to avoid wastage it’s good to load just what you want to do in that session. In terms of the draw, it’s consistently smooth and the good-length stem means it doesn’t get too hot, as some of the smaller models can.


Overall, this is a fantastic lower-priced or entry-level portable, from a reliable company. No frills, but simple to operate, simple to load, use and maintain – and gives a consistently nice, effortless vape. Nice vaporizer, good value.



  • Easy to use
  • Quick heat-up
  • Comfort-grip shaft
  • Robust, two-piece design
  • Safety cut-out feature
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Good value



  • Less compact than other portables
  • Slightly small herb chamber