Thermovape Revolution Review

ThermoVape Revolution


A relatively new addition to the portable vape market, the ThermoVape Revolution is niftily designed, US-produced, sleek and compact device, ideal for personal use. It looks good too, with its nice ceramic and metallic finish and unfussy, cylindrical design.


You may already be familiar with the ThermoVape T1, and well-regarded portable vape (we actually think it’s one of the best on the market). The main difference is the Revolution is specifically suited to oils and concentrates, rather than loose herbs. Hence its medical-grade ceramic heating element, which is slightly porous and will actually soak in a reserve of oil in addition to your main load. The ceramic also prevents heat conducting to the outer casing, making this extremely safe in hand or pocket.


Another safety feature is the recessed on-switch, which is operates with a smooth, upward-sliding motion, preventing accidental pocket activation. It’s a tough piece of kit too – shock-proof, damp-proof and durable.


The only potentially fragile part is the ceramic element, but this is of course normally protected by the outer casing. Do take care not to be too rough with it when loading your oil or concentrate in though, and this vape should give you years of trouble-free use in all kinds of challenging environments. ThermoVape do actually offer a purpose-designed, wipe-clean, Teflon-tipped, stainless steel loading tool, which isn’t necessary but is pretty neat all the same.


One of the most compact and discreet vapes that we at Vaporizer Kingdom have seen (not much bigger in your hand than, say, a fat marker pen), it fits neatly in your pocket or hand, looking, we think, rather refined and slightly space-age.


It’s powered by rechargeable batteries, coming with two pairs. This means you can always have one set charging while the other’s in use, and never need run out of power. The batteries are lithium iron phosphate, which compared to conventional lithium batteries last for longer, have longer total lifetimes (the manufacturer reckons you can recharge these at least a thousand times) and are more stable (standing up better to ambient temperature variations, for example). This type of battery is similar to those used in some electric vehicles, precisely because of their extended life and charge cycles.


The charger itself – which charges two batteries at a time – is compact, neat and modular. The vape comes with a car adapter and a wall adapter. The nice thing with this is that you can leave those in situ in your home and in your vehicle, then all you have to carry is the little charger itself. No wires or cords to carry around and get tangled – you just plug the charger right into whichever adapter you’re using. So it’s all wonderfully portable.


Loading couldn’t be simpler. A twist of the mouthpiece stem reveals a side-loading port, where you place your oil/concentrate directly onto the ceramic heating element, then twist back closed and you’re ready to go.


Make sure your concentrate is actually in direct contact with the heating element. We at found it handy to stand the unit upright and tap it gently on a hard surface once in a while during use, to shake any stray condensed oil or concentrate down on to the heating element.


It’s an elegant, original and effective design. And with such a simple design using so few moving parts, there is very little to go wrong.


Once switched on, it takes around 10 seconds or so to warm up, then generates a nice, consistent heat. We found that the direct-draw design makes for a really smooth smoke. It works best with long, steady draws; you really don’t have to pull that hard at all in order to generate consistently smooth and nicely dense clouds of vapor.


The mouthpiece is of a narrower bore than other models, precisely to facilitate the long, gentle pulls that work best with oils and concentrates.


We did notice that the first couple of times we heated it, there was a slight ‘hot metal’ aroma, not unlike when first using a new frying pan. The (very positive, we think) trade-off for this is that after this ‘breaking in’ period, you have a very durable, long-lasting element that gives no trace of odour or taste to the vapor. There is a real feeling of high build-quality to this vape, and all of its components seem sturdily constructed from fine materials. We know of people who have been subjecting this to heavy daily use for months now, and we’ve not heard of any problems at all.


Whether you prefer a battery-powered portable or a butane-powered one is obviously a matter of taste and intended useage, and there are pros and cons. Butane-powered vapes never need charging, just a can of gas. With battery powered you’re obviously going to need to be near a power source to charge it up occasionally. However, the modular nature of the Revolution’s charger makes it less fiddly and more portable than some of its rivals. One advantage we noticed over butane-powered is that this vape is completely silent in its operation. No distracting (or incriminating!) background hissing noise as there is with portable gas versions.


It’s worth noting that if you already have a T1 vape, ThermoVape do offer a conversion kit, so that you can easily switch between herbs and concentrates if you wish. As these are, in our opinion, two of the best portables available, this seems to us a good option for having a great, all-round kit.


In summary, the Revolution, like the T1, is an elegantly designed, very reliable, nice-looking and entirely portable vape. Bit of a classic, really…



  • Great build quality
  • US-produced from finest materials
  • Simple, safe and silent operation
  • Very compact and portable
  • Long battery life with no leads or wires
  • Attractive design
  • Robust and reliable
  • Smooth, consistent vape action



  • Best suited to oils and concentrates (though conversion kit available for more versatile use)
  • Not the cheapest  (but worth it for top-quality construction, in our opinion)
  • Unlike butane portables, an electricity source is required