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Herbal vaporizers are devices that extract the aromatic ingredients of herbs plant by steaming instead of actual burning. They do so by heating the herbs and the collected vapor is then collected in a gas chamber where it can be inhaled through an inhaler or directly from the gas chamber. 

The classification of these herbal vaporizers is done on how the heating of the herbs is done. Heating is done through:

  • Conduction,
  • Convection
  • Thermal radiation


In conduction, the herbs are placed on a metal plate, which is then heated to release the active ingredients of the herb.


In the convection herbal vaporizers, the herbs do not come into direct contact with the heating material. Instead, hot air passes through the ground herbs, allowing the active ingredients to be released as the heating takes place. This method has the active ingredients being released in plenty as compared to conduction. A pipe connected to the heating chamber passes through a glass chamber filled with water or ice and that is what cools the gas. The cooled gas is then collected in a balloon placed at the end of the pipe. The user can then inhale the gas directly or through an inhaler and can also store the excess in balloons for future use.


In thermal radiation herbal vaporizers, the heating material absorbs energy from an external source like the sun. After it heats, the hot air is emitted to the herbs that are to be vaporized. With this type of vaporization, the heat passed over the herbs is uniform and so there will be no cases of overheating.


Buying tips for herbal vaporizers

When buying a vaporizer, you have to consider whether the herbal vaporizer is portable and whether it can be operated without the use of electricity. The idea here is efficiency and to make sure that it will not cost you a lot of money. You will need your aromatherapy any time when you want it.


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