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Product Description

The ViVape 2 looks stylish with its minimalist design, ground glass joints, chamber and glass heating plates make for a great tasting vapour, the taste is as clean as the design. The ViVape vaporizer has good power and heating capacity.

  • Looks like a computer hard dive, designed with nice clean lines.
  • Quiet fan
  • Looks and feels well-made and sturdy.
  • Touch screen display
  • Quick heating
  • Quite fan
  • Easy to draw with fan assisted blower
  • Dual mode, switch from whip to balloon by pressing the touch-screen display
  • Balloon tubes with valve taps to preserve vapour
  • When switching off, the fan continues to cool the vaporizer

 Cool Dual Vaporiser with Style!


The key sales point of the Vaporfection ViVape 2 Vaporiser is the design and the duality. To begin with you’ll see that is doesn’t look like other vaporisers – it very much looks like computer hard drive with its clean lines and glossy surface. The illuminated touch-screen display adds to this hi-tech hardware look and feel. The heating chamber has a rather cool LED light that tells you if it’s on and when it has reached temperature.


The other key point is the duality of the design, this vaporiser is whip/balloon, 110v/240v and Celsius/Fahrenheit ready. All of these functions can be easily adjusted via the touch-screen display.


The ViVape is easy to use, the digitally set temperature is monitored by the on-board processor so that once you’ve programmed it then you don’t need to do anything else. Simply fill the herb camber and plug in the ground-glass joint when you’re ready to vape. The ViVape will keep monitoring the temp. and will even shut itself down when it is no longer in use.


The dual use balloon/whip system can be easily changed and the bags have a valve system so that once filled they can be left until needed. Each bag takes just over one or two minutes to fill.


Every aspect of the ViVape 2 is designed for a great quality vape, the glass heating elements, glass bowl and the medical grade hose ensure no unwanted taste is added to the vapours.


vivape whip

vivape whip


The forced air nature of the ViVape 2 make it a very relaxing whip vaporiser, you don’t need to draw but can simply inhale in a natural fashion, letting the quite fan do the work for you.




Summary of ViVape features:

Size: 20cm x 12cm x 6cm

Travel safe: Dual volt 110v/240v

Glass heating elements

Fan assisted (forced air)

Closes down automatically for safety

Dual temp: Fahrenheit or Celsius

Dual use: Balloon or Whip

LED glowing heating chamber indicator


Easy to use Touch Screen Control

Easy to use Touch Screen Control


See What’s in the Box?

  • Power Cable
  • Two Bags (balloons)
  • Whip (approx. 1 meter) made from hypoallergenic, foodsafe rubber
  • Glass mouthpiece
  • Ground glass bowl, heating attachment for whip
  • Valve (for use with balloons)
  • Replacement filter screens (five)
  • Instructions
  • Poker for stirring herbs


ViVape 2 Get Started Guide:

Switch on then follow the onscreen instructions. Set the desired temperature and then wait two minutes for the temperature to be reached. Fill the glass herb chamber to no more than half-full.


The whip is used for both the mouthpiece or the balloon, both attach at the end opposite the glass herb bowl. The machine neds to be set (via the screen) for whip or balloon.


Don’t forget to take the bowl away from the heating element when not in use.

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