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Product Description

Vapir No 2, a super value, rechargeable, adjustable and easy-to-operate hand-held vape


  • Portable and cordless
  • Robust two-piece design
  • Simple, one-handed operation
  • Rapid heat-up
  • Comfort-grip
  • Rechargeable with standard wall adapter
  • Optional car charger
  • Adjustable temperature control
  • Automatic safety shut-off

The Vapir No 2 is a solid, reliable and great value portable from a well-established manufacturer. Its simple, ergonomic design makes it comfortable to hold and operate in one hand. Having a longer tube than many other portables, it gives a nice, cool vape too.


It also has the useful extra feature of adjustable temperature control – handy as different herb mixes can have different optimum vaping temperatures.


With a straightforward, no-frills design, there is little to go break or go wrong, so it’s a great option for sharing with friends or taking out and about. There are two sections, which screw together. The lower ‘shaft’ part has the herb chamber and operating controls, and also contains the rechargeable internal battery. This screws together with the top part, containing the tube and mouthpiece.


The lower section incorporates a gauze filter. Giving these a quick brush between uses is pretty much all the maintenance that is required – the cleaning brush is supplied, as are a couple of replacement filters for when they eventually need replacing.


The unit comes with a wall adapter – charge fully before first use, as you would with a mobile phone. There’s a useful charger/battery indicator light. You can use it while it’s plugged in and charging, which is great as you can then run it for as long as you like.


Once unplugged, a fully charged battery will give you around six or seven 10-minute vaping sessions – so we at Vaporizer Kingdom find it’s perfect for regular home use or day trips. If you’re going away for longer though, you’ll probably also want the car charger, which can be ordered separately.


A great feature of the Vapir No 2 is the adjustable heat setting. Finding the optimum vaping temperature for different herb mixtures is very simple: you just start off low and then tweak it up slightly until it the flavour is full and rich, but turn it down slightly if you start to notice a bitter, burning taste. You’ll soon find the sweet spot. This gives it an advantage over fixed-temperature vapes, which can occasionally get slightly too hot for more delicate herb mixes.


There is an LCD temperature display, and a convenient temperature recall feature – meaning that once you’ve found the optimum temperature for a given herb mix, you won’t need to set it again.


Aside from the temperature adjustment there’s really nothing else to fiddle with, you just press and go. It takes only around a minute and a half to reach vaping temperature, which is excellent compared to some other similar models. Also nice to know is that is has an automatic safety shut-off, in case you put it down and forget to turn it off, for instance. This is tripped after around 20 minutes.


A pleasure to handle, simple to fill, operate and maintain, this is an attractive, well designed vape, representing excellent value for money. If you’re looking for a good, reliable no-nonsense portable, with a useful temperature adjustment feature, this is well recommended.


Everything you need - the Vapir No2

Everything you need – the Vapir No2

Vapir No2 What You Get

Box contents


1 x vapouriser

1 x lithium-ion rechargeable battery

1 x power cord

1 x gauze filter (pre-installed)

2 x replacement filters

2 x cleaning sticks

1 x cleaning brush

1 x measuring spoon

1 x mouthpiece

1 x tube attachment

1 x instruction manual


Vapir-No2 UK - great design!

Vapir-No2 UK – great design!


Vapir No2 Instructions

Quick-start guide


  1. Plug into the wall and charge fully before first use. This will ensure you get maximum battery life.
  2. The indicator light will tell you when the battery is fully charged.
  3. Grind your herbs. You want a nice fine grind, maximising exposed surface area and given a smooth and efficient vape.
  4. Turn the unit on and set the temperature, using the + and ­– buttons, initially following the manufacturer’s guidelines as to temperature.
  5. When temperature is set, press the red button to activate the heater
  6. When the LED light turns green, it means it has reached the selected temperature. This usually takes around 90 seconds.
  7. Fill the herb chamber – a maximum of around 75% full is recommended, and not packed too tightly. This will allow an even air flow through the herbs.
  8. Screw the top back on and begin vaping. Long, slow draws tend to produce the best results.
  9. You can now adjust the temperature to get the best possible taste. As a rule of thumb, if you want a fuller flavour, raise the temperatures slightly – but if you start to get a burning taste, it’s too high.
  10. Once you’ve found the optimum temperature for your chosen herb mix, you won’t need to set it again.


ergonomic, hand help vape

ergonomic, hand help vape


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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Nicely UK

    I already own three vapes – could I be the biggest vaporizer fan in the UK? This was the latest to be added to my collection. The Vapir No2 is my new favourite and might be for some time. So what’s to like about it? Well the “feel” of it is nice – there is a difference between cheap and good plastic (I beleive!) but the real sale point for me is that the battery life seems to be exceptionally good – I always felt that my magic flight couldn’t keep up with me! But then again I suppose that the No2 is much bigger!!

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