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Product Description

Just when you thought that Storz and Bickel had perfected home vaporizers with the Volcano, along comes the Plenty…

The Plenty Vaporizer is an extremely powerful hand-held vapouriser.

  • Very efficient
  • Cost effective (no herbs wasted)
  • Medical Grade components
  • Direct heating
  • Stainless steel components

Every review written about the Plenty Vaporizer gives it top marks. So what is so special about the Plenty? To put it simply, it is a well-designed, well-engineered, well-built bit of kit. All of its features and components are of the highest specifications.


The Plenty is a mains powered vaporizer designed for home use. The stainless steel coil gives a purer, cooler vapour than the plastic whip that most (non-balloon) home vaporizers use. The Plenty is quiet to use and easy to handle weighing in at only 700g and approx 20cm high.


Heat is controlled by the means of an analogue controller with a temperature dial mounted on the front of the device. The Plenty uses a direct heat – as opposed to the forced air style, the precise temp controlled ensures once set then the heat will stay at the “sweet spot” for as long as you need it.


key aspects of the Plenty Vape

  • Air cooled delivery system
  • Double Helix, stainless steel Heat Exchanger
  • Analog Thermostatic heat controller
  • Precise temp. wheel (dial)
  • Unbeatable quality, extremely well made (by Germans)
  • Efficient use of herbs (cost effective)
  • Precise for a purer smoke


plenty pipe

plenty pipe (Stainless Steel)

What's in the box

Plenty Vaporizer comes with:


Mesh screens x3


Liquid pade (for vaporizing liquids/oils)

Complete users guide

Two vape tubes (1x long, 1x short)

Cleaning Brush

Herb Grinder


plenty box

plenty box


Vaporization temperatures may be selected from approximately 266°F to 395°F (130°C to 202°C.) The temperature in the filling chamber is shown by an analog thermometer.

The Plenty Vaporizer can be set to operate at temperatures from 129°C to 203°C) wich cover all of the herbs you are going to want to use.

A bi-metallic thermostat works to keep the temperature within a very narrow range and an override thermostat ensures that even is left on it will not over-heat but instead will switch off automatically.


How to use the Plenty


To start using the Plenty Vaporizer then press down the main power switch (orange). A light will illuminate to confirm the device is operational and heating up. The “auto-off” handle will override the switch so make sure that is has been activated.


You can now adjust the thermostat dial (just beneath the power switch) to your desired temperature. The actual temp you want will depend upon the age and moisture contant of any herbs. The heating confirmation light will remain on as long as the heating elements are being supplied with power.


To Fill the Plenty:

Ensure that all herbs are ground up using the herb-grinder. This makes for a much more efficient use of herbs. Remove the herb chamber from the plenty by unscrewing it (anti-clockwise). Place the ground herbs into the chamber and replace. Make sure the stainless steel coil (long or short) and the mouthpiece are attached.


When the desired vaporizing temperature is reached the orange light will extinguish – the vaporizer is now ready to be used. Take controlled breaths of inhaled vapours and continue until no more are produced. Some users increase the temperature towards the end to ensure all of the herbs have been used.



plenty kit

plenty kit