Easy Vape (Cheap UK Vaporizer)


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Product Description

The easy vape is built in the style of the old DIY box vapes.

  • Digital temperature readout
  • Thermostat dial
  • Metal construction
  • Mains power (240v)
  • Glass mouthpiece
  • Ceramic heating element
  • Cheap


Easy Vape Digital Vaporizer


The Easy Vape is great value, cheap UK vaporizer and is one of the cheapest vapes we stock on Vaporizer Kingdom. The styling is very much a retro look, the designers have taken the shape of an old fashioned DIY box vaporizer and then put some hi-spec digital components into the box.


The digital temperature controller is not as precise as some of the more expensive models but is still capable of setting and holding a temperature to within 2ºC which is adequate for most people’s needs – and within the threshold for most herbs. The LCD digits let you know the current temperature the elements are operating at.


The box is simple, sturdy, light and easy to keep clean. The compact design makes the Easy Vape good for smaller rooms or limited desk space.


The easy vape has a ceramic heating element for an odour-free vaping experience. The whip has a glass mouthpiece and glass heating bowl which also make sure that no unwanted chemicals make their way into the users draw. The heating bowl uses ground glass fittings in the style made popular by the Silver Surfer and Da Buddha.


Easy Vape User Guide

Show Easy Vape Instructions

The single rotating switch is both an on/off and a temperature setting dial.


To switch on the Easy Vape simply turn the switch to the right and listen for a click.


The Vaporizer takes a couple of minutes to heat up, so switch it on first and then start preparing your herbs.


Until you are familiar with the temperatures then set the temp. dial to half way then keep your eye on the digital temperature readout.


To prepare the herbs then Vaporizer Kingdom very strongly recommends the use of a good quality grinder, the small investment in this bit of kit will pay you back many times over as you will get a better, more even vapour with little or no waste. Grind the herbs to small and evenly sized pieces and then fill the glass bowl (make sure the screen is in place and clean). The fill level should not be more the half way (less will work better).


Use the end of a blunt object to tamp down the herbs. The herbs should be packed down quite tightly, this serves two purposes 1. The heat will be more even, 2. They will be less likely to fall out when you’ve finished vaping and are unplugging the ground glass joints. However there are also negatives to over-packing the bowl. If the herbs are too tight, the insufficient airflow can lead to the bottom burning. Some people like to pour or pinch the herbs into the vaporizer bowl whereas others are more comfortable to use the whip as a syphon to suck them up – both methods work, so use the one that is best for you.


It is easier to slightly tip the Easy Vape forwards as you plug in the bowl to the heater. Then leave the machine for a minute or two for the herbs to reach the same temperature as the heating elements (as indicated on the LCD display).


No Vapor will be visible until you inhale and pull the heated air over the materials in the bowl, then wisps of white vapour will appear. The general rule is that long slow inhalations get better results. The user will find out what works best for them. If there is not enough vapour then adjust the temp up and it dark grey vapours appear then turn the heat down. Every sample that you use will have slightly different moisture content, so the required energy to vaporize it will also vary.


When no more vapour is being produced (this is found more by taste than by visible vapour) you can carefully remove the bowl. NB. BE CAREFUL the bowl will be HOT! We’ve found that tipping the easy vape forwards slightly makes the unloading process much easier.


Use a pick or a scraper to remove the spent herbs. It is worth having a poke around to make sure they are all used, if you packed the bowl too tight then there may well be unused materials from the top of the bowl.




Easy Vape - Cheap Vaporizer

Easy Vape – Cheap Vaporizer