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Product Description

A stylish and compact, portable vape with adjustable temperature, LCD screen and a host of handy features


  • Compact, portable vape
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Illuminated LCD screen
  • Temperature indicator light
  • Can vape either herbs or essences (oil vials included)
  • Recharges with wall adapter
  • Discreet and stylish design
  • Robust, hard-wearing construction
  • Cleaning brush stores inside unit
  • Internal herb storage compartment


Portability, flexibility and style are the most notable aspects of this compact, smart little vape, and it has a number of clever features that we at Vaporizer Kingdom reckon really set it ahead of some others in the field.


It’s a great size for when you’re on the move, fitting neatly into a jacket pocket or the palm of your hand. And unlike some other vapes, it’s completely self-contained – even the cleaning brush actually stores inside the unit, meaning that if you don’t need to be carrying it around separately where it can get lost.


Another thoughtful feature for portability is that it contains a small internal storage compartment. This means that in addition to the herbs in the vaping chamber, you can carry enough for a few extra refills, so for short trips or nights out you won’t need separate bags or jars cluttering up your pockets.


It’s easy on the eye too, with cool rounded edges and a modern-looking matte black finish. The rubberised paint and rugged build make it very durable and resistant to bumps and scratches. While it’s nicely lightweight it’s also really solid. The manufacturers claim to have drop-tested it from a height of 10 feet. So it’s an ideal vape for road trips, festivals or other places where it might get knocked about a bit.


da vinci portable vaporizer - kit

da vinci portable vaporizer – kit


Use is nicely simple. You turn on the main switch (on the side of the vape), which turns on the unit and wakes up the backlit LCD display. Initially it will be displaying the current room temperature.


You then may use the + and – buttons to select your preferred vaping temperature. Initially go for the lower end of the manufacturer’s suggestions (a handy temperature chart is included), and then tweak it up a bit. As a general guide, if you want more flavour raise the temperature, but if it starts to get a bit harsh then you’ve gone too far. You’ll soon find what produces the best vaping experience for your preferred herb blend.


When you’ve programmed your temperature, hit the power switch on the front and the element will begin to heat up. It usually takes only around a minute to reach your preferred heat level, and the LED indicator light will change from red to green when it’s ready.


da vinci portable vaporizer UK

da vinci portable vaporizer UK


As well as having adjustable temperature, another great feature that increases your flexibility is that you can vape either herbs and oils/essences. The Da Vinci comes with a couple of ‘oil cans’ that you can fill and place in the bowl instead of herbs. Many comparable vapes are just either/or affairs when it comes to herbs and oil, so having the option to switch between them whenever you fancy is a really nice touch.


The heater will keep running until you stop it, or there is an auto shut-off at around 10 minutes. This is a useful safety and power-saving measure. You’ll get four to six of these 10 minute sessions on a single charge, which is pretty decent for such a compact vape.


da vinci portable vaporizer side view

da vinci portable vaporizer side view


All in all this is nice-looking, hard-wearing and user-friendly little vape with some clever features. The internal storage chamber, oil cans and adjustable temperature give you quite a lot of flexibility, and it’s size and design make it perfect for when you’re out and about.


Box Contents

Box contents


1 x vapouriser

1 x wall charger

3 x rechargeable lithium-ion batteries

1 x flexi-tube mouthpiece

1 x cleaning brush

9 x replacement gauzes

2 x oil vials

1 x instruction manual

1 x quick-start guide

1 x vaping temperature chart

Da Vinci Vaporizer Instructions

Quick-start guide


  1. Charge the unit by plugging it into the adapter (fully charge before first use).
  2. Ensure the main power switch is ON while charging.
  3. The LED screen will indicate the charge progress.
  4. Grind your herbs; aim for a fine grind to maximise exposed surface area.
  5. If using a herb mix, fill herb chamber, taking care to not pack it too tightly.
  6. If using essences, fill oil vial and place in chamber.
  7. Turn unit on with main on/off switch (on side).
  8. Select vaping temperature by toggling the + and – buttons.
  9. Initially follow manufacturer’s suggestions (a temperature guide chart is included).
  10. Press temperature power button (on front).
  11. Indicator light will change to green when temperature is reached – this usually takes around 60 seconds.
  12. Begin vaping session, taking long, slow draws.
  13. For more flavour, increase temperature slightly. If vape tastes bitter or burned, lower temperature slightly.
  14. Once you’ve discovered the optimum temperature for a given herb blend you won’t need to adjust again.
  15. On subsequent vaping sessions, give the chamber a quick wipe with the enclosed cleaning brush before refilling.

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