Da Buddha Vaporizer (Black)


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Product Description

The Da Buddha Vaporizer is a slightly cheaper version of the best-selling Silver Surfer Vaporizer.

  • Crafted with style by the good folk at 7th Floor
  • Ground glass components for safe, cool, clean vapours
  • Ceramic Heating Element
  • Mains powered (240v for home use)
  • A budget alternative to the SSV


The Da Buddha (black) is slightly more expensive than the standard colours (which we can offer at discount prices)


Key features of the Da Buddha Vape are the ground glass vapour whip and the alumina ceramic heating element. What both of these components ensure is that no unwanted flavours or pollutants get into the vapour ensuring as much as possible that you’ll be getting a smooth, clean vapour. Glass and ceramic are selected for their chemically inert properties at the temperatures that the herbs are heated to these elements will in no way interact with them chemically. Ceramics and glass also have the desired thermal properties to ensure that you will get heat where you need it – but the vapours will be as cool as possible when inhaled. Other cheaper brands take shortcuts by using metal components, which (unles they’re high-grade stainless steel like in the Plenty Vape) can impact upon the flavour and cause unwanted oxidation processes in the herbs.


Contents of the box:

  • Vaporizer
  • Bag (to carry/store the da Buddha)
  • Whip (with glass mouthpiece
  • Stirring tool – this is used to make sure no herbs are wasted.
  • Two replacement mesh screens
  • A full set of instructions and user guide.


Da Buddha Instructions

Da Buddha Vaporizer Starter Guide:

When you first get your Da Buddha Vaporizer then tuen it on to full, by rotating the glass marble temperature controller to the max. This is he help clean any factory residues from the vape.


The desired temperature for use is to some extent a matter of preference but can be somewhere between half and three-quarters of full power. The vaporizer user will need to try this out with different blends of herbs to see what they enjoy the most.


Once you have found a temperature that works for you, you may not need to adjust the temperature again but can just leave it set where you like it.


Grinding herbs is certainly worth the effort, you will get a more even heat and if all of the herb remnants are the same size they will produce vapours at the same time. Grinding is also the best way to ensure that you are getting value for money because less herbs will remain unheated or wasted. It is also possible to chop them up with a knife and chopping boars – but a grinder is faster and better.


When you fill the wand for the first time, you’ll find that you need less herbs than you originally thought – not much is required. Pack no more than 1cm of product into the glass whip. It is better to use less and refill it than over-fill the wand and waste it.


da buddha wand

da buddha wand


da buddha vaporizer

da buddha vaporizer