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Product Description

Arizer Solo Vaporizer – quality, power and control

  • Lithium ion rechargeable  battery
  • Precise temperature control
  • Ceramic Element
  • Built to last
  • Small but powerful

Arizer Solo Portable Vaporizer UK. Built by the same company that produced the bestselling V-Tower and the ever popular V-Tower so the Arizer solo has a pedigree that you can trust. It has impressive, precise temperature control for a portable vape.

Only glass, ceramic and metal components are used where plastics might have affected the flavour which means along with the precise temp. the Arizer Solo produces very pure vapours.

Key Aspects of the Arizer Solo?

  1. Lithium Ion rechargeable battery – lasts for as much as 2.5 or even three hours when fully charged
  2. Fast heating – expect to be vaporizing within 2 minutes of switching the Solo on
  3. High quality glass stems (2 included)
  4. LED indicator shows current temperature so the user can gauge time to vapour
  5. Ceramic element for clean heating
  6. Truly portable size – approx. 12cm tall.
  7. Amazing power to size ratio  –  the Arizer Solo is  pocket rocket of a vaporizer one of the most popular in the UK.


Temperature Guide

The LED lights on the front of the product are not marked in temperature so use this to guide you:
1 = ( 51°C)
2 = (186°C)
3 = (191°C)
4 = (196°C)
5 = (201°C)
6 = (206°C)

What is in the box?

  • Aizer Solo Portable Vape
  • Instruction Booklet
  • Power cord (for recharging)
  • UK mains Plug (240v)
  • Glass Stems
  • Dish for mixing herbs

Quick Start Guide

Press both the up and down buttons together to switch the device on (or off) hold them for one second

  1. When switched on the Arizer Solo is in standby mode and won’t heat up a blue light illuminates in this mode
  2. Press the UP button to set the desired temperature, a red LED will flash to indicate that the device is heating up
  3. Expect the Arizer to reach temperature within two minutes
  4. When the light stops to flash your Solo Vape is at the desired temperature
  5. The Solo will switch itself off after 12 minutes of inactivity for safety and to preserve batteries
  6. To switch off, simply press both the UP/DOWN buttons for one second
  7. Battery life is one of the strong points of the Arizer Solo – we’ve had three hours of use out of it on a single charge
  8. NB. The Arizer Solo cannot be used if you are charging it.

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Herbal Harry

    The arizer is not the cheapest portable – nor is it the smallest, but I chose it because I wanted something with batteries that last. My friend swears by their Magic Flight Launch box – and the pocket-portability of it is certainly impressive, however I always carry a manbag and so it is no big deal for me to take the solo with me wherever I go. Three hours of battery life is enough to last me for a weekend with my GF camping and who can ask for more than that?? I’d class the arizer as a home vaporizer that is portable .. if you know what I mean?

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