Iolite Wispr Review

Iolite wispr review: a new model – basically an upgrade – from the makers of the original and popular Iolite portable vaporizer, we at Vaporizer Kingdom think the WISPR is a very neat piece of kit indeed. It improves on the earlier model in a number of areas, both functionally and aesthetically.

The first thing you’ll notice is that it looks good, with its stylish, attractively designed plastic casing, with rounded corners for comfortable pocket-carrying, that comes in a range of groovy colours. Indeed, most people wouldn’t tell what it was, just by looking at it, especially with the mouthpiece folded away. While not the tiniest of portables, it nevertheless fits nicely in the palm of your hand, so is very convenient to pop in a handbag or jacket pocket if you’re out and about. Even more convenient, is that it’s entirely butane powered – no leads to get tangled, batteries to run down or chargers to carry around and clutter things up.

The butane is the tinned stuff you can find in any hardware store, so refilling won’t be a problem when you’re on your travels. You fill it much as you would a refillable lighter, turning the butane can upside down, inserting the nozzle of the can into the filler valve on the vape, and pressing down gently. You’ll hear the hiss as the gas enters the vape, and it takes only about five seconds to fill (you’ll be able to see/hear when it’s full). We found it best to give it a minute or two to settle after filling, but that’s really all there is to it. Click, hiss, give it a minute and you’re good to go.

We found we got around six, 15-minute sessions from a single fill. And one of those standard butane tins (which if you haven’t seen them are pretty small and slim) gave us about 10 refills. So one tin was plenty for a week-long festival we attended this summer – though pack a spare and you definitely won’t have any worries.

There is a handy viewing window enabling you too see how much butane you have left (this is one of the improvements on the earlier model), so you won’t get caught short.

Once it’s filled, you pack your herbs. This is done by pulling out the mouthpiece – the herb compartment is attached to the bottom of it. We at found it best to lightly pack the herbs, so as to get a nice smooth flow, and to not fill it more than about three-quarters full. You then simply clip the mouthpiece back in, and you’re all ready.

The herb chamber is medium-sized, for a portable vape, and we found a single packing gives about 10 medium-sized draws, making it about right for one or two people. Which suited us fine, but do be aware that you’ll need to do some refills if there’s a group of you.

The WISPR’s mouthpiece has also been improved from the earlier Iolite vape, in that they’ve replaced the rigid tube from before with a soft, flexible rubber stem. As well as being nice and comfortable in the mouth, this has the advantage that it folds discreetly out of the way when being carried in the pocket, for example, so further improves the portability. It comes with a nice drawstring bag too, to protect it when you’re carrying it.

There is a two-click starter switch on the side. The first click gets the gas flowing (you’ll hear a soft hissing sound). A second click triggers the ignition. An orange indicator light on the other side tells you when the gas is successfully heating. We found that once in a while, it didn’t start first click (again, a bit like a cigarette lighter), but it never took more than a couple of presses.

The vape automatically reaches and holds a preset temperature of 190 degrees celsius (374 degrees farenheit). It does this with a built-in thermostat. When the temperature is reached it turns itself off, then when it begins to dip it turns itself on again. You’ll know when this is happening by the orange indicator light blinking on and off. It will keep repeating this cycle throughout your session, automatically, until you click the switch off. So for simplicity of use, we think this is one of the nicest portables available at Vaporizer Kingdom.

One very minor complaint was that occasionally we detected a slight odour of butane while it was in use, coming out of the side of the unit. However this isn’t a big deal, and importantly the gas doesn’t pass through the herb chamber, so you don’t taste it or anything. But it’s something you may notice.

To get the best smoke, we found it best to take long, slow draws rather than rapid short ones. This does have the slight drawback that, if taking a long drag, the air in the short mouthpiece can get a little hot after a few seconds. But with a bit of experimentation you’ll find the most efficient draw speed for you.

So in summary, this is a very handy portable vape, great for one or two people when you don’t want to be worrying about batteries or electricity (perfect for camping trips!). All you need is the vape and a can of butane, both of which will fit easily in a coat pocket, and you’ll get days of hassle-free use. Simple to use and with some nice user-friendly features (the viewing window, the fold-away mouthpiece, the indicator light), it also looks pretty stylish too. We like this one – recommended.

• Butane powered; needs no batteries, leads or chargers
• Compact, stylish and discreet design
• User friendly operation
• Automatic temperature control, with indicator light
• Viewing window to monitor gas level
• Choice of colours

• Mouthpiece can get hot on long draws
• Slight butane odour sometimes detectable