Herbal Vaporizers

There are an endless variety of base substances that can be used for vaporization and each one can give a unique inhalation experience. The air ways of the body can receive great benefit from the vaporizing of natural herbs and spices.

It should be remembered that it is not the amount of substance that is put into the chamber of the vaporizer; it is the way it is filled. The grinding of carriers and herbs is important to allow hot air to pass through them and ground herbs that are fresh will enhance the vaporization process.

Eucalyptus and mint make excellent carrier substances, eucalyptus; because it promotes easier breathing due to the fact that it opens airways. Mint possesses a pleasant flavour as well as opening breathing passageways which, in turn, ensures that breathing is easier. Wild lettuce as a carrier is much lighter with a smooth flavour and when used can also produce a calming effect. Stimulation can be experienced when ground guarana is used as this provides a pleasant aroma.

Vaporization can be used to offset the stresses and strains of modern day living without the damaging side effects that can be experienced when making use of alcohol or cigarettes. Many people find it difficult to relax naturally and vapour inhalation can make a difference both physically and mentally.

A popular mixture that gives a user a relaxing experience is made up of one part wild lettuce, three parts chamomile, one part valerian and one to three parts valerian extract, some users add one part lavender but this is just a matter of choice.

If suffering from a lack of energy then this can be overcome by putting together a mixture of one part mint, one part eucalyptus, one part ephedrar or sida cordifolia and one part guarana of ground coffee. Optional extras that can be added are one to three drops of sida cordifolia or ephedra and one drop of eucalyptus can be added depending on the taste of the user.

These two mixtures should be added to a chamber that has been pre-heated to a temperature of 300 degrees F and then reduced to 245 degrees F. For the best results inhalation should take place straight away.

A certain amount of caution should be put into practice when planning to inhale some products because there could be side effects experienced by anyone who is suffering from any medical condition. It is advisable to seek medical advice if this is the case before any inhalation takes place.

Male virility can be enhanced by taking advantage of a particular blend containing one part mint, one part eucalyptus, one part jasmine leaves one part green tea leaves, one part damiana, two parts ginko biloba, two parts ginseng. Optional additions are one part guarana and one to three drops of sida cordifolia or ephedra. To get the most from this mixture the chamber should be pre-heated to 350 degrees F and allowed to reduce to 275 degrees F before inhaling straight away.

Herbal blends do not only have to be used for inhalation they can be used as air fresheners which can also produce a calming effect on the inhabitants of a room. A fantastic aroma can be produced by putting together twenty parts rosemary, eight parts grapefruit, four parts peppermint and two parts spearmint. Alternatively twenty parts lime, fourteen parts bergamot, four parts ylang ylang and two parts rose.

As well as a calming effect in a room, sufferers of bronchitis, asthma and coughs can also receive great benefit and relief by using a variety of air fresheners in this way. It has also been proven that creativity and dreams can be enhanced with the alteration of the ambience of a room in this manner.

Further benefits include the use of orange, cedarwood, cypress and lavender to enhance relaxation. However, because we are all different what suits some may not be an advantage to everyone. But there can be a lot of fun had by just experimenting and it can be found that complaints such as insomnia, sore throats, stress or even the winter blues can be overcome by the vaporization of any number of mixtures.

This is a far better way to overcome many of the average ailments that affect every day lives and it is far better addressing problems in this natural way. The medical alternatives often have unpleasant side effects that are sometimes worse than the ailment they are trying to cure.