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Vaporizer kingdom is a new UK vaporizer shop that offers home and portable vaporizers in the UK. We have sourced the best available products and can offer free shipping at unbeatable prices. We are often asked for the best vaporizers - that is largely a personal choice but if money was no object and we had to choose one vaporizer for herbs it would have to be the Volcano Vaporizer - there is no better for control and value. It might not be cheap but we feel it is still a bargain!

Vaporizer Kingdom

Vaporizer Kingdom

If you are new to world of vaporizers then it can all be a bit daunting – so many models with so many different features. Vaporizer kingdom stocks all of the brands and models available in the UK so we can offer a fair and unbiased opinion to help you with your selection. The reviews on this site are honest and are designed to help you select the best model of vaporizer for you – rather than simply promote the one that has the highest margin of profit for us. This is because we know that if w can help you to find the best vaporizer for you – then you’ll come back again. Many of our customers make repeat orders – this is because they trust us and know we understand our products.

"If you are looking for your first vaporizer then you might be visiting Vaporizer Kingdom to simply answer the question “Do I need a vaporizer?”

To answer that we’d like to ask you a question in return – do you place a value on medicinal herbs? If the answer is yes – then you quite simply have no choice but to invest in a vaporizer. You will get healthier, cleaner, more economical herbal delivery. There is simply no comparison between smoking and vaporizing herbs it is like trying to compare two entirely different concepts – what do you want dirty or clean, economical or wasteful, hot or cool? Like we said if you’re serious about herbs you NEED a vaporizer!